What We Do

At APA, it is our mission to get businesses and homeowners the maximum property claim settlement you deserve! We know you have worked hard to obtain what is now lost. And the last thing you need when your world is turned upside down is a hassle from your insurance company.

Our commitment to obtain results and provide excellence in customer service gives our clients peace of mind, so they can resume their lives knowing that someone is on their side representing their best interests.

APA will provide your insurance company with a comprehensive, industry based, and meticulously detailed loss assessment. We then work and negotiate with your insurance company to arrive at the maximum claim settlement amount.

Our extensive knowledge of insurance damage appraising, policy interpretation, and industry settlement practices assures that our clients receive a very fair and equitable claim settlement.

Let us make it work for you!

Why do you Need us?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed and bonded insurance claim professional with years of experience settling property damage claims. A Public Adjuster routinely deals with complex policy language and settlement issues involving various policy forms, provisions, and loss valuations. The Public Adjuster represents your interests unlike the company adjuster who represents the insurance company’s interests.

The Reality

If you suffered a serious personal injury that required you to file an insurance claim, you probably wouldn't think twice about hiring an attorney to represent you against the insurance company. Why hire an attorney? Because you know that your attorney is experienced in matters of personal injury law and industry settlement practices. Likewise, a Public Adjuster is experienced in matters of property damage appraising, insurance policy interpretation, and industry settlement practices.

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