About Us

ASSURED PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, LLC, is a company comprised of insurance claim professionals that represent the home & business owner in residential and commercial property damage claims. APA is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and bonded.

Experience makes the difference
APA's extensive knowledge of insurance damage appraising, policy interpretation, and industry settlement practices Assures that our clients receive a very fair and equitable claim settlement.

Let us make it work for you!


Assured PA recognized a need among policy holders in Western Pennsylvania for a service that helps both individuals and businesses that incur a property damage claim.

As a company adjusters, we experienced first hand the emerging trend of Public Adjusting as a viable option for policy holders who wanted to even the insurance playing field.

We obtained our industry knowledge serving as independent catastrophic and multi-line property claims adjusters, specializing in the settlement of large scale property damage claims. We also served in property claims management, supervision, and earned numerous industry certifications.

We represented over 30 different insurance companies throughout the United States, handling thousands of property damage claims involving flood, fire, windstorm, and other perils.

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